Center for the Decision Sciences(Columbia University)

You must:

Be a fluent speaker of English
Be at least 18 years old

Have a Paypal account to receive payments or be able to accept an gift certificate for participation

To be eligible to receive payment for our study you must be using a web browser with cookies enabled:

Windows: Internet Explorer verison 5 or later
Windows: Netscape 6 or later
Mac: Safari
Any: Firefox

If this sounds like you, please complete the following page. If you qualify, we will contact you by email in advance of the experiment.

Information about you will be kept in strict confidentiality. You will not be contacted except as it concerns this experiment. You can decide whether you wish to participate in future studies.

We will verify your identity before you are allowed to participate in the experiment. Registration entries that are incomplete or false will be rejected and those submitting them will not be allowed to participate in the experiment. Submitting multiple entries under different names is an act of identity fraud and a criminal offense.

When it comes time to take the experiment, it is important that you take this test seriously and answer the questions as honestly and thoughtfully as you can. Data will be checked for patterns of bogus responses. Those individuals providing clearly bogus data will not be compensated or allowed to participate in future studies. Again, your attention and care will enable us to collect valuable data and offer more studies in the future.

Payments are handled by PayPal ( a free service. Make sure that the email you sign up with is the same email address asociated with your Paypal account. This way your earnings can be dirrecty deposited in your account. Alternatively, in many of our studies, you can choose to receive payment in the form of an gift certificate. If you do not wish to be paid via Paypal or with an gift certificate, please do not participate in this research

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